Trip Jacker 

Freestyle Electronic Artist & Producer

Trip Jacker is a lifelong musician, an avid music fan and a

supporter of independent artists.

He is the founder of Burn the Wick Music, the owner of

Tall Pine Studios, a member of ASCAP and a member of

the incomparable Electronic Music Alliance (a global artists' collective).

Trip Jacker creates with tools from Ableton, 

Novation, KRK, M-Audio, Roland and Sony.

Hear Trip Jacker music:

On all major music sites.

In the Way of the Bubble mobile game.

In the intro for rap legend Cage's Stoney Lodge Stories podcast.

On numerous playlists on Spotify, SoundCloud and other sites.

Purchase Trip Jacker music securely from this site using PayPal.

Trip Jacker music is available for commercial use on Pond5.

Connect with Trip Jacker on social media. Links on this page.

Support Trip Jacker and other independent artists by following,

liking, sharing, posting, reposting and commenting on social media. 

Purchase and stream their music and buy merchandise. These things are

very important for independent artists and their careers. Thank you!


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